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Bella's OOTD

I was invited to my first true high school party in January for an old friend’s surprise birthday celebration. As I am sure teens know, the usual uniform for a party is strictly tight revealing tops and short skirts or pants. I was not comfortable dressing like a 25 year old so to be comfortable in my own skin, I combined my every day style of mom jeans and vans and combined it with an on trend mesh top with a white slip underneath. I got many compliments which boosted my self confidence and I was so comfortable dancing and having fun with my friends.

Marla Catherine has had a huge impact on my style and showed me that skinny jeans aren’t always flattering when they show the true size of certain aspects of your body that are you might not be comfortable with. So I combined checkered vans, mom jeans and a random oversized T-shirt for a school outfit and I have never felt more confident. Marla Catherine is the inspiration for my street style along with putting my own taste in certain everyday looks as well.


About the Author:

Isabella is a high school student who has a love for fashion and putting pieces of clothing together for others as well. Her father, a custom tailor, taught her how to sew at a young age and always had a big influence on her outfit choices. Some of the people who have had a big influence on her are Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach, who showed her that it’s better to be different and to stand out in a crowd. She realized her true love for fashion this past year and has an Instagram to share that love with others. Go check out her Instagram @on.trend!

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