“Young Visionaries Cultivating the World”


   Free to Dream Magazine is a printed and digital magazine founded by Megan Felicity Hoang in 2017. With the intent to inform, support, and inspire, the content empowers readers to make a global impact and educating them on worldwide issues. We provide a safe haven for young visionaries to cultivate our world by welcoming everyone to submit his/her work by means of various aspirations to be featured in our magazine.


     What Free to Dream aspires for is not popularity, but giving knowledge to those around us. We work to create a civilization that is based on the foundation of knowing what is going on around them, and with our writers, photographers, and designers, we’re working, and have already partly achieved this goal. Publicity is important to everyone, but in our case, it is not a priority.

With our group of elites and interns, we work tirelessly to produce a magazine that everyone can relate to and find a part of themselves in. Covering topics from climate change to deforestation, from the benefits of drinking water to the Flint water crisis, it’s guaranteed to make a positive impact on the world around us just by informing people of these topics.

     Not only that, but the people we feature are contributing to that notion. Having the opportunity to interview some of these people making an impact on the world deserve to have their voices heard. We give them a platform to speak on that adds to the following they might already have. It’s a chance to show people that don’t know about them what they’re really made of, and gets the word out that “hey, I’m making a difference!”

    As an international magazine, discrimination is out of the question. We give equal opportunities to everyone we assess, and people on the team are of all shapes and colors, including those featured, as well.

To cultivate the world is not an easy feat, but with our magazine and you a part of it, it gives us an incentive and brings us one step closer to educating those around us, such as relatives, friends, and most importantly, yourself. 

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