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One Day.

When I wake up every morning, my first instinct is to look out the window. I glance at the amount of sunlight, predict the wind speed by looking at how trees sway, and figure out how to get dressed for the day.

However, in recent times, I have still looked out the window instinctually, not really knowing exactly what I am trying to predict. Nevertheless, I still find myself glancing at the trees and the sun, unsure of what to expect.

But in these moments, though seemingly melancholy, I think perhaps I am predicting what I might do when I leave.

Our generation is constantly bombarded with the blaring sirens of a fast-paced world. We are told that we spend too much time online and not enough time outside. I beg to differ. Our very longing to experience the outside world again is indicative of our social nature. It tells me that, though we are partially consumed by technology, we are connected in physical ways as well.

As I wait and wonder, I am continuously filled with both optimism and longing. One day we will hug our friends when we see them for the first time in months. We’ll hug them a little tighter and a little longer, remembering what it felt like when their physical presence was absent. One day we will have casual conversations with strangers and shake hands with people we first meet.

One day we will have our first kisses and dates and thrills of the first time we get to hold hands. One day we’ll find ourselves in crowds of people at concerts or events, collectively experiencing the same adventure.

Until then, we must wait. But, one day, I am confident that I will look out my window and glance at the sun and trees, once again planning my day. On that one day, I will spend a few extra minutes outside of my front door with gratitude that the one day is finally here.


About the Author

Justine Bautista is an OC based writer and researcher. She currently is a working as a co-author for a number of research articles and, in her free time, loves writing about fashion, societal issues, and her cultural identity. Justine is extremely excited to continue being apart of FreetoDream! In her down time, you can find Justine visiting a local coffee spot, writing, and reading a book.

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