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Global Health ISSUE

The 2nd issue  focuses in on global health topics. Issue two is in collaboration with Harvard College VISION to provide free eye screenings in Ghana and awareness. As a community, we are the future innovators, the doctors, the therapists, and the future cultivators of this world. Being well versed on global health topics is essential to the livelihood of humanity. Education is at the core of every innovator and, as the future, it is our responsibility to cultivate the change we would like to see.

The more people of all ages are cognizant of the devastating realties that impact the human condition, the more willing they are to take action.


Topics include hypertension, the Phospholamban mutation, acid attacks, bioethical fashion, medicine art, CRISPR genetic modifications, and many more.

Free to Dream Magazine is community and a platform for all people to contribute. We provide a safe haven for collaboration and creativity to foster itself. As a whole, our editors, writers, and artists come together to create change through our own self expression.

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