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Red Rumination

Doodling in class is one of the most interesting parts of my day. I know paying attention is key in school, however, more times than not, my teachers do not teach much. With all this time on my hands, I end up doodling on my notes pages or my planner.

One day, I decided to bring a nice, thick sheet of paper and told myself I'd fill it by the end of the year. It took me a week in class. It was then I realized how many times our teachers just seemed to give up on us. They will call the class a study hall or extra time to work on our homework that they didn't teach us how to do. But, even the teachers know that nobody really does much. I watch kids talk, play Tetris, use proxies to watch youtube, do work from another class, and many other interesting things happen when kids are bored like literally doing yoga poses in class. (Not joking).

It was in this time I began drawing. I started with a quote I remembered from the depths of my constantly-running mind -- “I am not who I was”. I doodled some other things in this red pen I favored and quickly came up with this simple color scheme. But quite honestly, I was out of ideas. So, I began asking everyone next to me in class to give me something to draw. Yea, some things I didn’t add like when a high kid in my class told me to draw “big boobies,” but for the most part, this piece is the culmination of my interpretation of others thoughts, ideas, memories, song lyrics, and quotes.

I am pretty thrilled about how it turned out. I feel like it has a piece of many different high schoolers in it and that's what makes it so special. I call this piece “Red Rumination” because it seems to carry a message of our teen culture; some of the things teens struggle with, love, question, and think about.


About the Author

Lucie Aria Green, a sophomore in high school, is a young visionary, artist, and athlete based in Los Angeles. Having received a scholarship for the Georgia O’Keeffe Arts and Leadership Program, she hopes to inspire young women, through social media, to be passionate, intelligent and curious leaders. Although she is constantly busy with track, school, friends, modeling, writing, creating art, and going on adventures, she always takes moments to enjoy the small things in life a good cup of tea or watching the stars. Lucie is an avid reader who enjoys poetry, and mystery novels. As a patron of the arts she adores fashion, photography, drawing, and playing the viola. Continuing high school in the STEM program, Lucie wants to pursue a degree in design or engineering as she hopes to one day create innovations that help our planet. Contributing to Free to Dream Magazine, Lucie believes that she can make an impact.

Follow her journey on Instagram :) @lucieariagreen

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