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Victoria's Actual Secret: Beau Undies

The way that women shop for underwear has been relatively unchanged for the last decade. Women must go out to purchase underwear and are required to go out of their way to find them. Quality underwear is often pricey and, as a result, people are reluctant to replace their underwear as much as they should.

In addition, shopping for underwear online has required the same process: finding underwear without really knowing the quality then having to manually input your card every time.

Again, people are not inclined to go through the trouble of consistently paying shipping fees and putting in their card for a pair of clean underwear.

The solution? Subscription underwear.

Beau Undies has just what every girl needs: cute, high quality underwear delivered monthly. Want a specific pair? No problem! Beau Undies also allows you to choose individual items to purchase as well.

I had the chance to try them out and I can honestly say that they are absolutely amazing! They are both cute and flirty while giving me the functionality that I need. I would highly recommend all of our readers to give @beauundies a try!

Also, Free to Dream had the incredible opportunity to talk to a powerhouse behind this revolutionary company, Gina Harrison!

What was the inspiration for starting Beau Undies?

One night I was having a girls night and the topic of underwear came up. We all realized we shop at one place for our underwear - something we wear and need everyday. We also realized we weren't really satisfied with the designs nor the limitations of other alternative underwear brands. We wanted a different place to shop for beautiful, yet affordable undies, but we didn't know where to start. We also hated going to the mall just to refresh out undie drawers, so that's when the idea of conveniently delivered, gorgeous undies came to mind!

What do you hope to achieve with the brand?

I've always wanted to make a difference in whatever I did, so when the idea of Beau Undies was underway, I thought what better way to give back than to give those in need something we all need. Underwear is a basic necessity, but not everyone can afford it. My research showed that underwear is often a high demand item since no one wants to wear donated underwear (am I right?).. Once I realized that there was a need that we could fill with our brand, it just made sense to have it tie into our story. We now donate a pair of undies for every time someone uses our hashtag #SubscriptionOnAMission on Instagram and that is something we will plan to do continuously. With Beau Undies, we hope to help those in need, while also providing ladies with a quality brand that offers the hottest trending styles, affordably priced, and conveniently delivered. While doing that, we hope to inspire women and help them become the most confident self they can be while feeling great in our beautiful undies!

How has social media helped you in building your platform?

Our target audience lives and breathes on social media, especially Instagram, so it only made sense that would would offer a lot of information, visuals, and engagement on that platform. We are working to build up our other social media platforms as well, but for now Instagram has been the most beneficial for our brand. With its easy to use and engage ability, it has allowed us to reach out to people that really love our products and has helped us gain exposure tremendously.

Tell us about your personal journey in social media marketing! How did you get involved with Beau Undies?

Once I had the idea in mind to start an undie brand, I shared it with my friend Shirley Wong (also my sorority sister!) who was looking to get involved with starting a business of her own in 2016. We knew from the start that social media would play a huge role in our brand so we both spent a lot of time researching and learning by trial and error the things that work and does not work for brand on social media platforms. Now, Shirley focuses more on the social media marketing aspects of the business as the Director of Social Media and I think it's safe to say that she is killing it with the content and branding visuals. We often get a lot of great feedback from people who see our Instagram and it's definitely played a huge role in our marketing success thus far.

How has your community grown through social media? What are you proud of?

Our community of woman who love our products and follow us on social media has grown quickly and we are so thankful to those who tag us and show us love everyday. For having launched just under a year ago, we have definitely come a long way- and we aren't nearly done! We are truly a brand by women, for women and it has naturally created a community of amazing women - something we were not even intentionally trying to do in the beginning. It is inspiring to see how a brand can really make an impact in the community. I am most proud of creating a brand that not only has a mission to give back and help those in need, but also help women really feel their best. In today's society, the expectations for women to look picture perfect is absolutely daunting and as a woman who has struggled with weight and confidence, I know the struggle so well. With Beau, we want to help women love themselves and our undies are made to do just that. Nothing makes you feel hotter and confident than gorgeous undies! We also have plans to expand our sizes soon and can not wait for that!

Find Beau Undies on Instagram!

...and shop their site!


About the Author

Justine Bautista is a student at Chapman University. She is a double major in Psychology and Integrated Educational Studies and plans to pursue a career in Developmental Research. Justine is a writer for Free to Dream Magazine and also serves as manager/editor for their blog. Outside of Free to Dream, she works as an SBA for Kaplan Test Prep and helps students in planning their pursuit of a graduate degree. She also works with social media brands and small businesses (ex. Pacific Swimwear and Impact Juice Bar). Justine is an avid neuroscience and coffee enthusiast. She loves books, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and dancing around while singing her favorite song, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine :)

insta: @esor.j

twitter: @nochilljustine

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