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You Tell Me Your Dreams

You tell me your dreams I am better behaved In them magical, nuanced, prettier Young as tips of grasses The dreams you tell me of have trains, swimming, girls and flying - I am long haired and leggy taller than my five foot six inches I touch your cheek in your dreams Make a kiss sound. Kiss! Forgotten are dark boys who take up my memory my houses, my ponds Gone are my limbs they ache for missing my mother for missing him. In your dreams, I am only the present moment You are gracious, the host. We find jam and bread and taste sour cherries that burst when we bite into them. // For Addison who was Amanda 10/2018 Christianna P. Hannum


About the Author

Christianna Hannum is a writer and filmmaker, living in Pennsylvania with her two children, adopted from Latvia. Her award winning film Goodnight Ladies is about her grandmother, a famous equestrian. Christy loves languages, speaks Italian and Latvian, plays tennis and you can always find her swimming. She is a sometimes stylist, English teacher and fundraiser for museums. She believes in firsts - first loves, first dance, first poem and first travel across the world. She is working on a memoir - happy, happier, Happiest.

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