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Costumes and Roses

We all remember our first concert. There I was, in fifth grade at the Philly Spectrum to see the infamous Grateful Dead. I was twelve and the stadium was filled with smoke. I saw two of my babysitters, roses twined around their heads, dancing in the hallway. Long dresses with clinking beads and bells and ribbons in their hands. We could do whatever we wanted. Back then, security was loose, hippies were everywhere and it was a festival of gods and goddesses. What was your first concert? I took my niece to Taylor Swift RED outside at the Wachovia Center in Philly. It was all young girls and moms and friends. What a breath of fresh air. Taylor is a Pennsylvania gal, born in Redding and she gave a show to bring the house down. Short shorts and striped shirt, guitar resting on her knees. Dress up as your first concert! Other fun Halloween costumes include any fuzzy animal, any of the Teen Titans, any serious rocker or strong girl, like Meg, from A Wrinkle in Time. Be a warrior princess! Be someone gorgeous and powerful and get rid of the teeny-tiny mini skirt and embody your female warrior princess. Don't dress up as food. It's weird. Other costumes that don't work are police girls with handcuffs, waitresses and other "sexy" job type costumes. Best costume I ever designed was Hamlet's Ophelia. She died. Drowned. I wore a velvet cloak and spun roses with thorns in my hair. A character from Shakespeare is an awesome idea. A lot of velvet and crowns. Soft slipper shoes. And if you can quote something from your character, even cooler! "To sleep, per chance to dream!" (Hamlet) All in all, Halloween is the best time for the creative spirit in you to emerge. I will never forget the sight of the girls dancing in the halls at my first concert. I was just young enough to be forever imprinted by red roses, and I've worn them ever since.


About the Author

Christianna Hannum is a writer and filmmaker, living in Pennsylvania with her two children, adopted from Latvia. Her award winning film Goodnight Ladies is about her grandmother, a famous equestrian. Christy loves languages, speaks Italian and Latvian, plays tennis and you can always find her swimming. She is a sometimes stylist, English teacher and fundraiser for museums. She believes in firsts - first loves, first dance, first poem and first travel across the world. She is working on a memoir - happy, happier, Happiest.

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