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“Thoughts,”a drawing with all sharpies is one of my most personal pieces which illustrates what is going on inside my head, what i value, things that inspire me, and just abstract images. These are what some of the symbols and words mean to me.


Yikes - This is something I say a lot. I put multiple yikes in all caps because there are just so many “yikes” moments in my life.

But a real friend would not do that - I always try to see the best in people and it is hard for me to let negative people go. This sentence is a reminder that not everyone is going to be your friend and not everyone is going to like you; and that’s okay. It’s a reminder to move on from “fake friends” and value your real friends.

I miss you - Especially because i moved states before 8th grade, there are so many people that I cannot see as much as I want to. Not only do I miss so many people, but I miss the person some people were before they were negatively influenced and changed for the worse.

“We shouldn’t be doing this” - A common thought.

Social media seriously harms your health - Living in a generation where social media is such a large part of our life, I also see how it can affect people’s mental health and their image of the world. A lot a negativity and unachievable ideals are on social media which can influence people in the wrong ways.

Sarcasm - Something I use too much. I wrote it like it was on the periodic table to emphasize how it is a important element of my world.

Your vibe is pretty - I think our generation is so caught up in how people look. When people call me pretty, that's not who I am, thats what I look like. Not that I don't like the compliment, but I also want to be with people who love who I am. I want to be with people I truly vibe with.

Love- what makes the world go around and what our world needs more of. Also, this was a symbol initially created by my close friend.


The pinkie promise - something I do a lot. Also it shows something unbreakable.

The eye - one of my favorite things to draw. An eye is also one of the most symbolic body parts because of all the things they can represent.

The okay hand - this represents the circle game. It's a game of trickery and you never know when someone is going to do it. This represents how in my life there are so many random things that I never see coming.

The person in a bodysuit - She is leaving to go to the stars. I hope to one day be amongst the people who are stars.


The bee - Something that is taken for granted and sometimes hated by people, even though without bees humanity would come to an end. Sometimes I feel like a bee, something misinterpreted and taken for granted.

The hearts and the broken hearts - Representing love, heartbreak, and recovery.

The heart eye sunglasses - To have heart eyes for someone, but realize they were not the person you thought they were. They are sunglasses because you can easily take them off and they mask what you see.

The distorted chess board - This shows how I thought life was straightforward and organized like a chess game when I was younger. But now that organized life I once pictured is distorted and everything is more complicated.

The roses - Although a typical flower, rose is my favorite flower, scent, as well as my grandmothers name.

The mountains - Mountains always remind me of New Mexico, where a grew up and where I was able to go in nature everyday.


About the Author

Lucie Aria Green, a freshman in high school, is a young visionary, artist, and athlete based in Los Angeles. Having received a scholarship for the Georgia O’Keeffe Arts and Leadership Program, she hopes to inspire young women, through social media, to be passionate, intelligent and curious leaders. Although she is a busy-bee from cross country, club volleyball, and track and field, she always takes moments to enjoy the small things in life like the Beatles or a good cup of tea. Lucie is an avid reader who enjoys poetry, and mystery novels. As a patron of the arts she adores fashion, photography, drawing, and playing the viola. Continuing high school in the STEM program, Lucie wants to pursue a degree in design or engineering as she hopes to one day create innovations that help our planet. Contributing to Free to Dream Magazine, Lucie believes that she can make an impact on the world.

Follow her journey on Instagram :) @lucieariagreen

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