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Back to School Essentials!

It's about that time of year when summer changes to fall and when school begins again. If you're anything like our girls here at Free to Dream, trendy school supplies for the modern girl-on-the-go are a must! Here are the must haves that our bloggers recommend!

Justine (@esor.j)


I absolutely love Typo planners! The weekly layouts allow me to see a more in-depth view of everything I might need to do in a week. In addition there are little spaces for notes and a monthly calendar layout which allows me to have a general overview of what I need to do within a month. Also, in the very front, there are a lot of really fun little things like zodiac sign traits and cute personal info boxes.

Writing tools:

My favorite writing tools are MUJI pens! I love the 0.38 point variety and love colored pens which allow me to color code each day in my planner. They are super smooth and are super fine point pens that don't run!

Laptop case:

I love Typo (once again) and their laptop cases! They have amazing designs on them and also have a soft, protective padding on the inside. Also, my laptop stickers are from which houses thousands of creative stickers that are washable and adorable.

Irish (@irishpadilla)

“Oh Deer” Desktop Planner// Stay on top of your game with this super hip desktop planner- write down your tasks, doodle stars, or jot down notes to stay productive!