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Back to School Essentials!

It's about that time of year when summer changes to fall and when school begins again. If you're anything like our girls here at Free to Dream, trendy school supplies for the modern girl-on-the-go are a must! Here are the must haves that our bloggers recommend!

Justine (@esor.j)


I absolutely love Typo planners! The weekly layouts allow me to see a more in-depth view of everything I might need to do in a week. In addition there are little spaces for notes and a monthly calendar layout which allows me to have a general overview of what I need to do within a month. Also, in the very front, there are a lot of really fun little things like zodiac sign traits and cute personal info boxes.

Writing tools:

My favorite writing tools are MUJI pens! I love the 0.38 point variety and love colored pens which allow me to color code each day in my planner. They are super smooth and are super fine point pens that don't run!

Laptop case:

I love Typo (once again) and their laptop cases! They have amazing designs on them and also have a soft, protective padding on the inside. Also, my laptop stickers are from which houses thousands of creative stickers that are washable and adorable.

Irish (@irishpadilla)

“Oh Deer” Desktop Planner// Stay on top of your game with this super hip desktop planner- write down your tasks, doodle stars, or jot down notes to stay productive!

Bando 2018-2019 Planner // If you’re like me, you’re prone to being awfully forgetful. Bando planners are my favorite way to stay organized throughout the school year. This brand has been my favorite since high school and has since followed me into college. It’s great for inspiration, time management and doubles as your best friend and personal assitant in your time of need.

Kate Spade Stationery Kit // Slay the office space or classroom with some chic stationery. This set allows you to stay organized, tab important documents and it makes your goals stand out for the day.

Matilde (@matildeheckler)

Every year, my go-to planner is one of the Kate Spade jumbo cuties! So easy to write out assignments, due dates, and has large calendar space for everything you need to write down. I'm currently finishing up my 2018 planner I bought from last season!

For my everyday writing utensil, my absolute favorite are the bic round stic pens! They may not be the prettiest, but I grew up using them and just can’t stop! They’re easy to use and I am an advocate for writing in pen, so they get the job done!

One (sort of) school supply that I bought this year that I’m SUPER excited about is a grey spiral bound notebook from staples. Journaling is something I find super fun and this year I have decided to keep up with a journal all year round! This one was super plain until I jazzed it up with some stickers, which makes it fun & unique!

Ila (@ ila.1)

In the midst of my work life, personal life, and summer plans, school supplies sometime become an afterthought. August seems to creep up on me every time, all while my other business activities are in full swing. This year was no different than last, and I found myself school supply shopping on-campus fifteen minutes before my first class of the semester. Despite my lack of planning, I always strategically choose supplies that will help me to balance my work/school life in the most efficient, organized way possible! It’s essential for my schedule-- and my sanity.

My first go-to item is a handy bag that will hold everything that I need it to.

My two top pics are this purse from target, and this backpack from!

Although they look different from one another, they have one thing in common: they’re super roomy! The backpack has a slot for my laptop, where the purse does not. But either way, I find myself stuffing plenty of things for work & school into these bags, making it easier to keep track of everything I need to get through the day.

My next school essential is.. Not just one daily planner, but two!

I keep one to keep track of daily to-do’s, and I keep another for school specific tasks only. These helps me differentiate, but keep a daily record of the things that need to be taken care of. Because I am a real estate agent, magazine editor, AND a student, I need both planners in order to make sure I’m handling everything I need to!

The planners that I choose are relatively small in size. I find that they’re easier to access and keep on me when they’re smaller & handier!

My other go-to’s include headphones for walking through campus, sticky notes (I swear by them) for the little things you need to note, and my handy hole puncher (I like having every paper in its designated binder before I lose it, which I will otherwise)!

Overall, I think having these core items makes my day go by smoother and really helps me stay on top of the school year from the start. And, luckily for me, they’re easy to grab when I’m on my way to the first week of class with little-to-no preparation!

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