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Summer Sunnies That Took Over This Season!

eyewear courtesy of grinderPunch

Summer is the most popular time to whip out your sunglasses and for good reason!

Not to be dramatic or anything, but the summer sun is RUTHLESS. Protecting your eyes is a necessity when participating in any summer-related activity. Whether it be going to the beach or relaxing with some poolside sunbathing, figuring out how to be fashionable while protecting your eyes is a MUST. Here are the sunglasses that totally took over the summer and will most likely continue its reign into fall!

1. Colored Lenses

Colored lenses have allowed for people to grace summer fashion with a little bit of extra spunk. In addition, they are a homage of sorts to 70s retro fashion.

With colored lenses, people can dress up any outfit and color coordinate. They provide an amazing way to add color to a black and white outfit while still keeping the clothing color scheme intact.

2. Mirrored Cat-eye Lenses

The classic cat-eye sunglasses have graced the fashion scene periodically throughout ages. But, this summer, fashion offered a more modern twist by adding the mirrored aspect.

Mirrored lenses provide complete coverage for your eyes while maintaining that EYEconic (haha) cat-eye shape. Also, they go with literally any outfit, providing a neutral pair of sunnies to dress up any outfit.

3. Vintage Glasses

Vintage has been making a real comeback, specifically in glasses. Featured above are both circular shaped frames along with aviator-style vintage glasses.

Both of these have increased in social media prevalence due to their classic vibes. These went really well with casual vintage dresses and thrift store finds!

All sunglasses featured above can be purchased at AFFORDABLY at

Shipping is free and super fast!


About the Author

Justine Bautista is a student at Chapman University. She is a double major in Psychology and Integrated Educational Studies and plans to pursue a career in Developmental Research. Justine is a writer for Free to Dream Magazine and also serves as manager/editor for their blog. Outside of Free to Dream, she works as an SBA for Kaplan Test Prep and helps students in planning their pursuit of a graduate degree. She also works with social media brands and small businesses (ex. Pacific Swimwear and Impact Juice Bar). Justine is an avid neuroscience and coffee enthusiast. She loves books, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and dancing around while singing her favorite song, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine :)

insta: @esor.j

twitter: @nochilljustine

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