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Olivia Care Charcoal Tooth Polish Review

Truth be told, I was extremely skeptical about using charcoal to whiten my teeth. When I imagined having literal charcoal in my mouth, I automatically became turned off by the idea of it. That being said, I looked in the mirror at my coffee-stained, yellowing teeth and thought: "why not?"

So, I picked up a package of Olivia Care Charcoal Tooth Polish. It was surprisingly inexpensive and came packed with a really good amount of product.

I proceeded to dip my toothbrush into the charcoal mixture, then followed the package directions to brush my teeth for two minutes. After doing so, I rinsed my mouth and saw instant results. After running my tongue against my teeth, I felt an instant smoothness followed by seemingly whiter teeth already!

One recommendation for those looking to try out this super great beauty trend would be to WATCH FOR FALLOUT. The biggest issue that I found with this product was charcoal's natural ability to stain. I have a pristine white porcelain sink so I definitely found myself cleaning up bits of powder immediately after using it. Nonetheless, this is just a natural property of charcoal that consumers should be aware of.

Secondly, I personally would not use this as a complete replacement for toothpaste. The product is completely tasteless which I thought was awesome! But, toothpaste does have that minty fresh quality that a tooth polish would lack. In addition, simply gargling once after using the product often leaves a fair amount of charcoal residue in my mouth. Brushing my teeth with toothpaste afterwards gives it just the minty finish it needs along with removing any residue.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this product as a safe and natural alternative to white strips or any other harsh whiteners. They often leave your teeth feeling extremely sensitive while Olivia Care's Charcoal Tooth Polish is able to do the job quickly and safely!!


About the Author

Justine Bautista is a student at Chapman University. She is a double major in Psychology and Integrated Educational Studies and plans to pursue a career in Developmental Research. Justine is a writer for Free to Dream Magazine and also serves as manager/editor for their blog. Outside of Free to Dream, she works as an SBA for Kaplan Test Prep and helps students in planning their pursuit of a graduate degree. She also works with social media brands and small businesses (ex. Pacific Swimwear and Impact Juice Bar). Justine is an avid neuroscience and coffee enthusiast. She loves books, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and dancing around while singing her favorite song, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine :)

insta: @esor.j

twitter: @nochilljustine

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