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Social Media Hiatus


So this is a little late but I gave up Instagram and Snapchat for lent. Lent is a forty day fasting from anything you choose to give up. My friend, Lilliana, gave up all types of chips because she would have it everyday, all day. Like if she had the option to live off of chips and water, she would in a heartbeat. I gave up Instagram and Snap because those were the two apps that I would wake up and go to sleep checking. So starting February 14 until April 1st, I was not up to date with what was going on in the world or my friend’s worlds. I deleted the apps but would click on where the apps would be so I placed the Bible app where Instagram used to be just so past me could be like “You thought!” to future me. The first couple of days were HARD. I kept wondering if Kylie Jenner finally posted something showing her baby bump or if Ariana Grande finally posted from her instagram hiatus. Eventually, I started to fill up the time that I would have been on social media with more productive things, like Netflix (jk jk). But I did begin writing more and figuring out my life. I also gained self confidence because I wasn’t comparing myself to others. I learned that my thousand something followers (@chaiburley lol) don’t need to know what I’m doing at every moment of my life. The most important thing I learned was how to actually live. I wasn’t worried about posting a cute pic of myself at the Broad or posting a story of me feeding a giraffe. I was actually living in the moment which is something I took for granted before. I began to realize how blinded I was from social media. Yes, I took cute pix and all but for my personal memories but I didn’t need to post to receive validation. Now that I am back from lent, I’ve decided to delete Snapchat (mostly because I don’t understand how it works) and only go on Instagram a healthy amount of times a day. So, I challenge you to delete social media for at least 3 days and see how different your life will be! :)


About the Author

Chai is a student at Chapman University. She likes to keep herself busy by writing songs and making beats with her friends. She is a pisces obsessed with checking her horoscope and could probably guess your sign after getting to know you in a few hours! According to her friends, she is one of the few genuinely funny and kind people to bless this planet. She even got a lip tattoo that says “Huh?” over summer break and her mom still doesn’t know about it. Chai is ambitious and hopes to inspire and contribute her unique outlook to the world.

Instagram: @chaiburley

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