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Ladies, Serve Looks and your Community


It is not the clothes that have the ability to change the world, rather it is the woman who wears them. In this day and age, the fashion industry is growing and has no qualms to slow down. In our society enamored with glamour, making sustainable choices and looking chic are not mutually exclusive and they don’t have to be. Our babes here at Free To Dream love an empowered woman who seeks to empower the world- and we believe she deserves to look good and feel good while doing it. Here are some eco friendly and inspiring fashion forward brands that we think are worth checking out:

Freedom of Animals

Look impeccably stylish with vegan sustainable bags! Their sleek and simple designs are versatile and have the ability to dress up a casual outfit. Their biodegradable and recycled materials are not only good for our earth, but they look upscale and unique too.

A Peace Treaty

According to their website: “A PEACE TREATY is founded on the belief that wearing beautiful, handcrafted pieces, imbued with the story of their maker are the most beautiful and luxurious in the world.” And not only does it make for a personal and up close encounter enriched with culture, it is true to its artistic vision and aims to preserve its glory. Their brand supports a diverse community and serves it too.

Love and Beauty Planet

Love and Beauty Planet is a cruelty free brand that is established on the love for all living beings. Their products boast natural key ingredients such as coconut water, argan oil, and shea butter to name a few. Love and Beauty planet has selections for all your beauty needs: from hair damage repair, and hair colored treatment to body detox products and formulas to make you absolutely glow.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a brand that promotes the wellbeing of our planet and coins the term, “live beautifully”. They use recycled nylons, cork and rubber to create an environmentally sufficient brand that even uses recycled water bottles for their linings. Their designs are breathtakingly classic and elegant and deserves all the praise.

There are a plethora of brands who are culturally conscious, vegan and true to its roots in all the best ways possible. These aforementioned brands are but a few. Ultimately, fashion says a lot about an individual- are you sporty? Casual? Chic? Whatever your style is, you too, can make a statement about the importance of conserving our planet one seam, one ingredient and one step at a time.


About the Author

Irish Padilla in three words is a “work in progress.” She is currently a senior in high school and plans to major in Public Health on a pre med track. She is an intern for Free to Dream Magazine and hopes to inspire young girls that their dreams and aspirations are possible. She enjoys long walks in the dollar section of target and wants to raise a family of golden retrievers when she retires. Moreover she is a lover of the arts, freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness. You can contact her at:

Insta: @irishpadilla

Twitter: @irishquesadilla

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