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It’s been three years since I changed my wall decorations. The last time is when I was a freshman in senior high school and that was the first time I started drawing often. I wasn’t that “artsy” person back then, but I always have eyes on art and entertainment. The reason why I wanted to continue drawing was to go with the flow. I loved and still in love with the vibes that other people give when they practice their drawing and how passionate they are. I always fall for people who are passionate on what they do. Note it because that is one of my attractions on people.

Okay so back to my thing, I renewed my wall decorations with my own hand drawings and hand writings because I’m too lazy to print something out of my laptop and practicing can increase my skill a lot faster. So take a look at the overall down below ☺

I know I’m not a professional artist and I’m still lacking of so many techniques and stuffs but hey I’m pretty proud of what I made these past few days. These few days were the only time that I had after the mid tests. And thank you so much it’s been a productive short getaway holiday!

I got my references from Instagram, pinterest, and tumblr. So, the drawings are not my 100% pure ideas except the partition doodle thing and the “bliss” circle. Also I developed the “jeratan & jeritan” verb polas which I think pretty cool.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them

I’ve been so in love with editorial things these past few years. So I drew these two figures representing the binary genders to make it balance and I love the warm tone in both of them. Editorial things make me want to not only be an interior designer (based on what I’m majoring at uni) but also to be a creative director. And I really do hope I can be one someday.

The second one is “levelled mountain” with pink sky and shooting stars. It’s pretty much failed but I still love to look at it when it’s illuminated with a lamp.

That couple drawing? If you can guess, the reference is Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse. I ship them more in real life than on the show tbh. I know, that doesn’t look like Cole because the forehead is way wider, but let’s make something different. And I’m not sorry for my excuses hahahah.

Right beside it is an interior inspo and I call it “Contemporary Luxe”. I’m so madly in love with the colors, they look so colourful but expensive and can take my mind to another space. Don’t you think?

And again, a furniture inspo with the same vibe, I’m in love with the chair for the same damn reason ☺

The fourth one is also an editorial shoot and I’m crazy about that big hoop on her ear. So I added a quote about beauty from the internet that is perfectly matching with the drawing.

The bliss circle was spontaneous. I wrote that word so everytime I read that, I hope that it follows to my mind and to my life. A bit cheesy I know, but we all need positivity in our lives, right? ☺

“Jeratan” means trap and “Jeritan” means scream in Indonesian language. I made them in a “verb polaroid” kind of concept and I think it’s pretty cool. No hard feelings on this one, I just want to make something that out of pain.

A plant in a pot, means living, and growing, which is a perfect symbol for living things like us, humans. (p.s I’m sorry I put pink so much I don’t know why but I like it, it’s such a pretty color).

The doodle partition was also spontaneous. I don’t know if I like it but there’s an honesty value in that, it’s natural, coming out straight from my mind.

Another editorial shoot that I drew. This one is my favorite. It’s so simple yet eye catching. The minimalism is holy. Just so you know or if you can tell I’m both a minimalist yet maximalist at a time. Don’t know if you think it works or looks good, you decide.

The quote, describes me A LOT. I’m such a hard girl to love, but when I do, I love you the most. Does anyone relate?

And the last one, it’s actually my old drawing from my last semester holiday on December. An editorial fashion. Again. This style of drawing was inspired by a local illustrator named Naela Ali, she released like four books of illustration you all should check it out. She’s so talented and I look up so much to her.


About the Author

Tara is an interior design student at Tarumanagara University. Living in such a crowded city makes her exhausted sometimes, but she believes she’ll find a way to have a better life. Although she is such a quiet person to the people, she tries to put herself in art and spread them to the world. Not only that, she fills herself with knowledge about things that are happening around too. She hopes she can inspire and speak to others with her art, and she hopes she can improve herself and collaborate with people with beautiful visions in the future. Follow her every tiny foot step on instagram @tarayeshah

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