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Meet Maya!

Maya Aristimuno is a sophomore in high school living a double life. During the day she’s at school, trying to get through history lectures without falling asleep, and after school she hops a train to nyc to do photoshoots for big brands and influencers. She started her own creative agency a year ago, when she was 15. So far, she’s already created content package and campaigns with influencers from Refinery 29, shot for brands like Alice & Olivia, Cynthia Rowley, and tons of modeling agencies in the city. She’s also has work published in online and print magazines like Vogue Italy, Saperlipopette, Affinity, Kaleo and more. Maya’s agency also owns a magazine that the agency’s art department runs called MIM Magazine. When Maya’s in Montclair, she feels different than when she’s in the city. She gets ignored by the upperclassmen, and hardly has any classes with her friends. Not many people at her school even knows that she has a creative agency. Stay tuned to read her journals on the week. In both lifestyles! OOTDs will be school outfits and city outfits. Follow Maya on instagram to see more @maristi!

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