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Have you ever wanted to just get away from the everyday hustle or your regular social norms?

It seems strenuous now, but do it and don’t look back. Stream cheap-o-air, find your ideal flight, and honestly - worry about the money later. At the end of the day, everything will fall into place.

I took the plunge back in November and here I am, trying to make it in one of my new favorite Scandinavian cities, Copenhagen - or as the locals call it, København, for the next four days.

This is a really majestic city, compared to my native New York City scene. Get rid of the endless traffic, replace the subway with a one-line standard Metro, substitute the busy environment with a relaxed lifestyle, and exchange New York fashion with minimalistic focal points filled with hues of gray, white, black, blue and you have Copenhagen.

I’ve made my way through the city and its attractions as well as local leisure in the span of 3 days so far and I must say, my favorite spots are Christianhavn, Fredericksburg, Nyhavn, and Nørreport.

Enjoy a bit of counterculture? Head over to Christianhavn, take a lap around the lake, and immerse yourself in their way of life.

Fancy the minimalistic and structured fashion? Fredericksburg is the place to go and get a bit of shopping in. I highly recommend &Other Stories and Cos. Nørreport is definitely worth a visit too! You can then make your way to Tivoli.

Or maybe you’re feeling a bit touristy and want to capture the perfect Instagram post. Head to Nyhavn, while there - indulge in a waffle on a stick!

Ever been to CPH!? Comment your favorite spot below!


About the Author

Gabrielle Espinet is a content creating machine for Free to Dream Magazine. She’s based in Brooklyn, currently works in Finally Whitney another photo theme. the Influencer Marketing, and her stream of consciousness will be contributed through photography. She lives and breathes social media and pop culture. Fun fact, she loves writing poems and her goal is to visually produce content that inspires and creates buzz.

Instagram & Twitter: @grespinet13

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