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Celebrating Inclusion

photo courtesy of Marlon Marx (Instagram: @iammarlonmarx)


Hollywood, the home of stellar iconic pieces of pop culture and the home to many influential people to grace mass media. It is a battleground for exposure, and it reigns successful in its victory. What it seems to be lacking, however, is inclusion. Many movies, lack proper representation. And even with representation, there is wrongful stereotypes that can reinforce hurtful stigmas of races, cultures and even religions.

However, we are seeing a gradual shift in our status quo. More and more movies are including casts of beautiful color. Notable movies like “Black Panther” are creating a new wave of influence and we are celebrating its hail to being a beacon to many youth who wish to see a powerful protagonist who they can relate to- whether it be physically, or within similar experiences of alienation or triumph.

With movies like “Coco” winning Oscars, we hold hope that Hollywood will continue to pursue inclusion. Impressionable youth deserve notable figures who are brave, kind, and compassionate. They, too, deserve their own superheroes.

Heroes that push societal boundaries that hinder social progression. Heroes that fight for justice. Heroes that are capable to succeed despite their shortcomings. And that will continue to hold true as we celebrate inclusion and welcome a brighter tomorrow.


About the Author:

Irish Padilla in three words is a “work in progress.” She is currently a senior in high school and plans to major in Public Health on a pre med track. She is an intern for Free to Dream Magazine and hopes to inspire young girls that their dreams and aspirations are possible. She enjoys long walks in the dollar section of target and wants to raise a family of golden retrievers when she retires. Moreover she is a lover of the arts, freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness. You can contact her at:

Insta: @irishpadilla

Twitter: @irishquesadilla

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