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Today's Treasures


This was written for an assignment in English class. We were asked to take a moment out of our day for about an hour and live like Thoreau did and appreciate nature. Here are my thoughts.

Things are good.

Great, even.

The world is pure, little beauties all around me.

Today I sit in a cafe gem.

There is a man with a beard in the corner, maybe writing love letters to a woman in France.

A father with his daughter to my left, she is curious about what this world has to offer.

A quiet woman with black hair is curled up on the chair behind me, writing a best selling novel.

Two men chat in the back, perhaps conspiring for a better world.

The man behind the counter speaks with a spunky woman, wearing a polka skirt to her ankles.

The other man has a scruffy beard, he makes the coffee.

There is a painting on the wall that reads “he was a moon eclipsed by stars”

It speaks to me.

For what reason? I'm not sure exactly, it just does.

They write on chalkboards, asking us to follow them on Instagram, to send them memes.

I laugh

The tables are marble, perfect for an Instagram photo.

But today, I don't take one.

Instead, I write.

About the people around me.

About the world, the little details around me.

Thoreau had nature, but I have the city.

Nature is brilliant, the pure, quiet places that you can find.

But what I really love is the stories

That I may not know, but exist

The people, all different, who buzz around me.

That is my nature.

My nature is not trees and green and serenity

My nature is something that I don't have everyday

I live in a house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature.

But, it's the people and the tall buildings and the culture and the sounds and smells that I love.

I took some photos.

I don't think that taking a photo ruins a moment, it enhances it.

I love having an image

To hold

To remember

That is what I love about my world

How I can capture it with one click

Remember the good, when I have to face the bad

I don't think that by me taking photos it ruined my experience

It just helped me to remember

From today, I learned how much I love adventuring

Just living

Not stuck in a school,

Or practicing my violin

Routine gets old.

I live for getting out of the house alone

Just me, my thoughts, and the world

For I am only complete

When I am becoming human

Not just a person or a being

When I am experiencing.

That is my nature.

live a little.



About the Author:

Matilde Heckler is an iced latte obsessed highschool sophmore who enjoys spending her time doing anything and everything creative. She currently plays (A LOT of) violin and hopes to one day attend college in California for music education (and own a pet pig). She writes for Free To Dream with a goal to show that anything is possible, no matter what life throws in the way. When she isn’t busy curating ideas to change the world, she enjoys creating captivating YouTube videos, styling totally extra outfits, living life to the fullest, and occasionally knitting.

Want to get more of her witty personality? Of course you do :)

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube: @matildeheckler

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