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The Story Behind My Collages

Hi, I’m Tara. In case you don’t know me, you can see my profile on Instagram @tarayeshah. These collages have been my signature, the one that pops out, the authentic ones, on my Instagram feed.

Picture 1. My First Collage

My first collage was… so random. I literally just stuck the items on the blue square palette. I tried to put my vision, how I see the world in my next collages, and sometimes ideas just popped out in the making. It’s surprising on how I can actually visualize the concept in my head with collages, like it’s a perfect vessel to show who I am and my perspective to the world. I really want to develop things into a higher level, to make it something more spectacular and bringing some serious issues from around the world into my collages.

Picture 2. “Girl(s) and Boy(s)”

I honestly love this piece so much. There’s a girl, staring frozenly, having a complicated mind and a heartbeat. And there’s this guy, staring at her. The girl doesn’t know how to speak her mind. She’s traumatized from her past experiences about love. However, deep inside her heart, she wants to reach out to the guy that’s staring at her. The guy, looking at her deeply, asking her “what’s wrong”. is pure, full of patience, and never knew how to love until he met her. They meet in the summer, in the night that is full of stars, shining bright, and the similar things they have are heartbeats and fingers to reach out to each other. If you were here, to continue the story, would you unite them together, or would you break them apart and describe their own separated paths?

Picture 3. The Illuminati(on) of Frustration

Basically, these three figures are united to make the illuminati triangle. Don’t really have any description to this, but I just really love the strong concept of it. How about you?

Picture 4. Drowning in Memories

This one is really personal. This is the story about me, missing my best friends. I used to talk to them everyday. I don’t really know how things work between people, but there’s a saying out there, no matter how busy you are, you still can find a way to talk to the people you care about. I’m in dilemma on blaming or not blaming myself and them for not starting the conversation. Everything feels…. fallen apart and it feels so awkward just to start to talk since I remember the last time it was me, left by them on read, or not at all. Do any of you guys ever feel the same way, losing the people you love? Significant others?

Picture 5. Don’t Suck My Heart

You’re probably already seen this on Justine’s Valentine’s day post. Well, this tells you that the girl has the key through this guy’s heart, she has the power to take control over him, by telling him all these sweet words and the thing called love. The guy is intrigued by her words and did everything for her until he has nothing good left in him. How do you interpret this based on your perspective?Which one is your favorite? You can leave a comment or contact me through Instagram and tell me the reason why it is your favorite.Have a good day loves and don’t give up on anything you’re trying to achieve right now :)


About the Author:

Tara is an interior design student at Tarumanagara University. Living in such a crowded city, makes her exhausted sometimes, but she believes she’ll find a way to have a better life. Although she is such a quiet person to the people, she tries to put herself in art and spread them to the world. Not only that, she fills herself with knowledge about things that are happening around too. She hopes she can inspire and speak to others with her art, and she hopes she can improve herself and collaborate with people with beautiful visions in the future. Follow her every tiny foot step on instagram @tarayeshah

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