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Meet Lucie!

Lucie Aria Green, a freshman in high school, is a young visionary, artist, and athlete based in Los Angeles. Having received a scholarship for the Georgia O’Keeffe Arts and Leadership Program, she hopes to inspire young women, through social media, to be passionate, intelligent and curious leaders. Although she is a busy-bee from cross country, club volleyball, and track + field, she always takes moments to herself to enjoy the small things in life like the Beatles or a good cup of tea. Lucie is an avid reader who enjoys poetry, and mystery novels. As a patron of the arts she adores fashion, photography, drawing, and playing the viola. Continuing through high school in the STEM program, Lucie wants to pursue a degree in design or engineering as she hopes to one day create innovations that help our planet. Contributing to Free to Dream Magazine, Lucie believes that she can make an impact on the world.

Follow her journey on Instagram :) @lucieariagreen

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