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The Future of Free to Dream: A Letter From the Magazine

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Espinet (insta: @grespinet13)


Dear Free to Dream community,

First off, we would like to thank all of our wonderful readers, supporters, and contributors.

You give Free to Dream Magazine its sparkle and we love talking to every single one of you. Your talents and capabilities never cease to amaze us and we can't wait to watch all of you cultivate the world.

As a team, Free to Dream would like to update all of you on what exciting things we have in store!

Our next issue is in the works as we write to you today and we are so excited! For Issue #2, we are teaming up with Harvard VISION, a nonprofit organization that works to provide eyewear to developing countries. And, with that idea in mind, we will be producing an issue centered around global health. From research articles to OpEds, this issue is one that we hope provides meaning and impact to its readers.

A portion of the proceeds will go directly to this wonderful organization.

We wanted to gear this issue towards subjects that matter, things that are really going on in the world, and ideas that our writers feel are prevalent to modern society. On a global scale, health issues affect every sector of society. From LA to Bali, humans are connected by the idea that health and wellness are central to every culture. By creating this issue, we strive to educate our readers on a variety of topics in order to open their realm of understanding on a global scale.

Being globally educated is a skill that we feel each and every one of our readers deserves to possess. We want YOU to be apart of this incredible journey with us. So, if you would like to contribute to this amazing cause, contact us!

We want contributors from all over the world who are passionate about a health issue in their environment. We want to hear about all of your ideas and, most of all, we want to see you express your personal creativity.

These health issues may consist of a wide variety of topics and the idea of "global health" is a flexible one. Through participating in this project, we want to see your ability to create research based pieces that appeal to a wide range of audience members.

Additionally, we are working on building this blog as well. Our primary priority is putting out the printed issue as of right now. But, we are working on an internship program where we would have regular writers on our blog (see the sample post about being a foodie). This would allow us to regularly write to all of you outside of the magazine and would provide an excellent resume builder for those interested.

If you would like to participate in any of the above mentioned, let us know!

We can't wait to share these with all of you.

All the love,

The Free to Dream Magazine Team

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